The huge experience in national and international crisis and disaster management, in the UCP training programme, with modules as well as planning and organising national and international exercises are the big values of our consortium. The partners in our consortium are

  • Austrian Red Cross and Austrian Red Cross Styrian branch – In Austria, ARC is involved in the national crisis and disaster protection management. In the field of national Civil Protection ARC provides medical services, humanitarian aid and disaster relief – mandated by law – in Austria. ARC has also a lot of experience with the Union Civil Protection Mechanism, UCP experts training, modules and module exercises.
  • Hungarian Red Cross – Defined by law HRC has main responsibilities to alleviate human suffering during disasters. By law HRC maintains disaster response units, organise relief aid and provides legal assistance for victims of natural disasters. HRC is one of the main contributing national partners in Civil Protection. HRC’s is involved with a medical capacity in the INSARAG certified MUSAR. HRC is also involved in the organisation of exercises.
  • Disaster Competence Network Austria – is a scientific collaboration platform between universities, research institutes and their stakeholders covering all areas of national and international disaster management. DCNA bundles scientific expertise in the field of security and disaster research and acts as an academic cooperation partner for the public and private sector, to provide information and advice to decision-makers during disaster.
  • iHELP Institute – Polish NPO, established by fire service officers with years of experience in rescue operations and humanitarian crises, mentoring of emergency rescue teams, contingency planning at national/regional level, implementation of projects for improving rescue potential, public resilience, improving coordination structures for operations, designing, conducting and evaluation of international exercises.